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Author Title Year Price Purchase
1. Needham, Violet. The Bell of the Four Evangelists 1947 80.00 Add book to basket
2. Needham, Violet. The Emerald Crown 1970 20.00 Add book to basket
3. Needham, Violet. The Stormy Petrel 1946 65.00 Add book to basket
4. Needham, Violet. The Great House of Estraville 1955 250.00 Add book to basket
5. Nister, Ernest. Little Red Riding Hood and Other Nursery Tales N.d. c.1897 50.00 Add book to basket
6. Norton, Mary. The Magic Bedknob 1945 50.00 Add book to basket
7. Norton, Mary. The Borrowers 1952 175.00 Add book to basket

Alphabetical by Author:

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