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Author Title Year Price Purchase
1. C. B. C. (Charles B. Cochran) Bawden, Edward. Review of Revues & Other Matters 1930 20.00 Add book to basket
2. Calmour, Alfred C. & Crane, Walter. Rumbo Rhymes or The Great Combine, A Satire 1911 250.00 Add book to basket
3. Calthrop, Dion Clayton. Costumes Scrapbook N.d. 20.00 Add book to basket
4. Cammaerts, Emile. The Adoration of the Soldiers (L' Adoration des Soldats) N.d. [c1916] 35.00 Add book to basket
5. Carle, Eric. The Tiny Seed 1987 12.00 Add book to basket
6. Carryl, Charles Edward. A Capital Ship 1964 45.00 Add book to basket
7. Cervantes Don Quixote 1947 40.00 Add book to basket
8. Chan, Chih-Yi & Plato. The Good-Luck Horse 1945 40.00 Add book to basket
9. Clark, Elizabth. Twilight and Fireside 1942 11.00 Add book to basket
10. Clarke, Mollie. Hobby-Horse 1962 05.00 Add book to basket
11. Cole, Babette. The Smelly Book 1987 15.00 Add book to basket
12. Cole, Babette. The Silly Book 1989 15.00 Add book to basket
13. Cole, Babette. The Amazing Adventures of Promise 1977 08.00 Add book to basket
14. Colwell, Eileen. Round About and Long Ago 1972 10.00 Add book to basket
15. Coombes, Marion. The Adventures of Little Black Bear 1959 20.00 Add book to basket
16. Cowham, Hilda. Curly Heads and Long Legs [1914] 125.00 Add book to basket
17. Cowling, Alan. An ABC Book n.d. 35.00 Add book to basket
18. Cowper, William. The History of John Gilpin : showing how he went further than he intended, and came safe home again. N.d. 45.00 Add book to basket
19. Coybee, Eden & Mackinnon, Esther. The Sooty Man. Dumpy Book Number 28 1903 50.00 Add book to basket
20. Craigie, Dorothy. Tim Hooley's Hero 1957 55.00 Add book to basket
21. Crane, Walter & Gilbert, Henry King Arthur's Knights: The Tales Retold for Boys & Girls 1911 150.00 Add book to basket

Alphabetical by Author:

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